Shipping Policy
Shipping Policy

Eatally Artisanal Ice Creams Shipping and Delivery:


Ice cream will be delivered free of cost if the order total is above 1000 Indian Rupees all over Pune City and selected areas of PCMC. If the order total is below 1000 Indian Rupees; There will be 80 Rupees additional delivery charge.

Ice cream is shipped in Styrofoam coolers with dry ice to keep your ice cream safe and sound during transit.


Order cut off time is at 6PM IST every day.  Any orders placed prior to 6PM will be shipped next day and delivered before 9 PM. All orders placed after 6PM IST will be treated as orders placed next business day. Any Customised Orders should be placed at least a week before your requirement.

As Ice Cream is perishable and easily ruined with temperature fluctuations; If it is been Gifted to someone please let the gift recipient know it's on the way to make sure they'll be at Home on delivery day.

Storage of Ice Cream is Very Important. We store our ice creams at -25C constant and is protected from temperature fluctuations. Keeping your Ice creams after delivery in a deep freezer set to maximum to retain the firmness and quality of the Ice Creams. We suggest not to keep them in a single door refrigerator as they are not formulated to remain in higher temperatures in the said refrigerator. It is advisable to keep Eatally Ice Creams in separate deep freezer compartment set to lowest possible temperature.


Dry Ice Safety Recommendations:  Dry ice is our best friend. A very dangerous friend. But our best. PLEASE USE CAUTION with the dry ice. Do not touch it!

Always handle dry ice with care, and wear protective cloth (an oven mitt or kitchen towel) whenever handling it. Leave the dry ice at room temperature in a well-ventilated area. It will eventually sublimate from solid to gas – like magic. Keep away from children and pets! And do not leave the dry ice on a tiled or solid surface countertop as the extreme cold may crack it.

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